March 5th & 6th 
Ancient Art of Flint Knapping

We had a hands-on learning experience with two of the best flint knappers in the Midwest, Larry Kinsella and Don Stormer. They shared the ancient methods of creating usable flint tools for hunting and daily chores utilized by stone age peoples worldwide.  There was also an atlatl demonstration, atlatl contest and tips for creating your own as a modern hunting tool. 


March 26 

Prehistoric Methods of Maple Syrup Tapping

at Touch of Nature Outdoor Education Center

Mark Denzer of Cache Bayou Outfitters  demonstrated prehistoric methods of maple syrup processing and shared the ancient Native American lore of the sugar bush.  This included techniques for making primitive tools for obtaining the sap, bark containers for collection vessels, wooden bowls for rock boiling of the sap and creating friction fires for boiling the sap down to syrup, sugar or candy. 


April 22,

Creating Fire with Tinder Fungus

at the Makanda Mushroom Festival

Mark Denzer of Cache Bayou Outfitters shared the lore, history, and uses of tinder fungus. We will explored the various methods of creating fire with including flint and steel, pyrite on flint, friction fire, and metal match ferro rods; and mushrooms such as Chaga, Cracked Cap Polypore, and Horse Hoof Fungus (Amadou). He also talked about how these have been used by human cultures for centuries. 


May 13th,

Full Blossom Moon Paddle 

The Blossom Moon marked the arrival of high spring. We joined river guide Mark Denzer for a night paddle around the Cache River Wetlands canoe trail.  Listen along the way for the night sounds of the animals, and watched the moon rise.


March 18th,

Sap Moon Paddle

We kicked off the year with the March full moon. The Sap (or Sugar) Moon is when the sap of Ninaatigoo Mitig (Maple Trees in Ojibwa) starts to flow (ziigwang).  At this time of the year, the ground begins to soften enough for earthworms to become active, inviting the returning summer birds to feed—a true sign of spring. Roots also begin to stir and push their way up through the soil, as the Earth awakens from its winter slumber.   A demonstration on how to tap a maple using ancient Ojibwa  methods was shown at the beginning of the paddle.  


April 16th,

Full Pink Moon Paddle 

The second full moon paddle of the season was the Pink Moon which symbolizes the sprouting of seed and the explosion of spring flowers. Particularly the wild ground phlox or pink moss phlox which is one of the first flowers to bloom with the arrival of the spring.  We Canoed and kayaked the Cache wetlands and heard the swamp come alive with the sounds of spring peepers and other calls of the night.

Full moon paddle and folk music next Sunday. Registration at www.whitecranecanoes.jpg

May 8th, 

Mothers Day Sunset Paddle

What better way to spend Mothers Day than being greeted by sounds of wildlife of the Cache at sunset. We launched from the boathouse at 6pm and returned at Sunset. We paddled for about 2hrs, stopping along beaver lodges, ancient cypress groves and hearing about the rivers historic past.


May 14th,

Lake of Egypt Paddle Fest

We provided boats for the Pyramid Acres Marina's 3rd Annual Paddle Fest!

We enjoyed a day of water sports with friends and family on beautiful Lake of Egypt. 


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