2022 Calendar of Events

March 5th & 6th


Ancient Art of Flint Knapping & Atlatl Demo/Contest


Join us for a fun and rewarding hands-on learning experience with some of the best of expert flintknappers in the Midwest, Larry Kinsella and Don Stormer.  In this workshop - which is open to both beginners and advanced knappers - they will share the ancient methods of creating usable flint tools for hunting and daily chores utilized by stone age prehistoric peoples worldwide.  There will also be an Atlatl demonstration, Atlatl contest and tips for creating your own as a modern hunting tool. This workshop is designed to give the participant a hands on approach to learning the art to Flint knapping with a smaller group size teacher/student ratio. Flint and other stone will be supplied. No tools required - participants must bring some safety gear (glasses, gloves and pants)  


$150.00- Price includes use of tools, flint and personal instruction for two full days 

$250.00 - Price includes use of tools, flint and personal instruction for two full days, with Lodging shared with one other participant and Breakfast included Buffet style.  

Sliding Scale for those who wish to attend but are not able due to financial means. Email about all inquires cacheoutfitters@gmail.com 

The location will be Inside the Gym of

Davies School Inn    

Anna, Illinois 

Saturday 9:00am – 4:00pm  

Sunday 9:00am – 4:00pm


Ages 16-and Up

March 18th, Sap Moon Paddle

6:30-8:30 P.M.

We will kick off the year with a paddle in the Cache River Wetlands under the full moon. At this time of the year, the ground begins to soften enough for earthworms to become active, inviting the returning summer birds to feed—a true sign of spring. Roots also begin to stir and push their way up through the soil, as the Earth awakens from its winter slumber. March in southern Illinois is when the sap begins to run and it's the time to start collecting it for syrup.  A demonstration on how to tap a maple utilizing ancient methods will be shown at the begging of the paddle!(Sugar Moon)The Sugar Moon is the third moon of Creation. It is when the sap of Ninaatigoo Mitig (Maple Trees) starts to flow (ziigwang). As the maple sap begins to run, we learn of one of the main medicines given to the Anishinaabe which balances our blood and heals us. During this time, we are encouraged to balance our lives as we would our blood sugar levels. 

​Adults (18-up) $35

Teens (12-17) $20
Youth (5-11) $17