2022 Calendar of Events

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June 12th, 

Full Frog Moon Paddle


The Frog Moon paddle dives into the life of night time creatures in the Cache River wetlands. We will be learning about frog habits, life cycles, and what creatures are currently active during this time of year within the Cache River watershed. Event starts at out main office at 7:00 pm
Please come early and get a lesson on how to paddle a canoe if needed.
$37.00 for Adults 18-up
$21.00 for Teens 12-17
$18.00 for Youth 5-11 


Yoga and Kayaking at Horseshoe Lake

meditation yoga horseshoe.png

Dates TBA 

 9:00am -1:00pm

Meet at pavilion located near Horseshoe Lake spillway- East Side Dr and Promised Land Rd.

Carpool from Makanda Boardwalk available.

Healing Traditions ( Anne Discepolo)  and Cache Bayou Outfitters ( Mark Denzer) are joining forces to bring you an outdoor adventure!

We will begin the morning at 9:00am with outdoor yoga, including sun salutations, and yummy deep stretching. Our yoga practice will be followed by a brief meditation to help attune ourselves to the subtle energies of the natural environment around us.

Then an enjoyable light and healthy breakfast together in the pavilion at 10:00am, followed by a few hours of kayaking on beautiful horseshoe lake. Mark Denzer of Cache Bayou Outfitters will be kayaking with us and is happy to answer questions regarding the local ecology and wildlife. Also if you have never kayaked before Mark will provide you with basic instructions to get you started.

This is a fantastic opportunity to have some outdoor fun with a great group, or maybe a chance to try something new. Those that have never practiced yoga or haven’t tried kayaking are encouraged to join us. To provide a personalized experience we are limiting this outing to only 10 individuals.

$60 price includes yoga class, light breakfast, and 3 hour kayak rental (including paddle and life jacket).


Rain Date TBA 

Date and prices to be announced 

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June 19th, 

Fathers Day Sunset Paddle 


The perfect Father’s Day activity…kayaking/canoeing on the swamp with family and friends! What better way to spend Father’s Day being greeted by sounds of wildlife of the Cache at sunset. We will launch from the boathouse at 7pm. We’ll paddle for about 2hrs, stopping along beaver lodges, ancient cypress groves and hearing about the rivers historic past.

$37.00 per adult
$21.00 teens
$18.00 Youth 

Registration coming soon!

Wabash Adventure River Trip 

Join us on the beautiful Wabash River for our annual adventure to the great state of Indiana at the Grayville, Indiana boat ramp on the Wabash, and floating down to  Harmonie State Park. This all day adventure includes a meal of burgers and brats at the end of the float.

Preregistration is required by calling (812) 838-4191 x 3054

Date and prices to be announced 

Full moon paddle and folk music next Sunday. Registration at www.whitecranecanoes.jpg

July 13th,

Full Thunder Moon Paddle


Join us as we paddled through the ancient wetlands of the Cache River at night and hear the call of this ancient wild place. We will be paddling under the first full moon of the summer sometimes referred to as the Thunder Moon. The guides will share their knowledge of beavers, bats and owls of the Cache River. 

Adults (18-up) $37

Teens (12-17) $21

Youth (5-11) $18

Registration coming soon!

August 11th,

Full Green Corn Moon Paddle 


The August full moon is referred to as the Ripening Moon, Sturgeon Moon or Green Corn Moon. Come join us as we will set out from the docks of Cache Bayou Outfitters and paddle out to Cache Wetlands and enjoy the peace and sounds of Illinois Hidden Bayou under moonlight.

No prior canoe experience required.
Please come early and get a lesson if needed.

$37.00 for Adults 18-up
$21.00 for Teens 12-17
$18.00 for Youth 5-11


September TBA

Earth Skills Paddle


Mark Denzer (primitive technologist ) led us on a paddle through the river and talked about traditional Native American uses of plants, trees, animals and other resources of the area. We learned how to make plant cordage from local sources, friction fire from local native woods, explored and gathered food plants and heard about how local Native Americans once lived from the land on the Cache river through stories passed down to Mark from local Native people. A display with locally made items was present for participants to ask questions about.

September 16, 

Full Harvest Moon Paddle 


We will set out from the docks of Cache Bayou Outfitters and paddle the Cache Wetlands and enjoy the peaceful sounds of Illinois Hidden Bayou under moonlight. Referred to as the Harvest Moon, Septembers special theme reflected an ancestral time of the year where cultures sang, danced, and celebrated a bountiful harvest.

$37.00 Adults

$21.00 Teens 

$18.00 Youth


October 7th-9th

Brain Tanned Buckskins 

Join Kevin Clinton as he shares over 30 years of experience in making leather from animal hide. In this 3-day workshop, you’ll learn the ancient art known as brain tanning. Each student will learn and practice every step of the process. Over the course of the long weekend, you’ll transform a deer rawhide into soft, supple, natural, beautiful leather for clothing, pouches, crafts and more. Rawhides are provided.


Prices & Registration coming soon 

October 9th    

Hunters Moon Paddle


The full moon that appears in October is called the Hunters Moon, so named as the preferred month to hunt summer-fattened deer and fox unable to hide in now bare fields. Like the Harvest Moon, the Hunters Moon is also particularly bright and long in the sky, giving hunters the opportunity to stalk prey at night. Probably because of the threat of winter looming close, the Hunters Moon is generally accorded with special honor, historically serving as an important feast day in both Western Europe and among many Native American tribes. We will discuss and share some of the history and lore surrounding the Cache river and surrounding areas. Please come early and get a lesson if needed. 

$37.00 for Adults 18-up
$21.00 for Teens 12-17

Registration coming soon!


November 5th

Mysteries of Fire:

Methods, history, and our ancient relationship with this elemental power of nature


Join Mark Denzer, Primitive Technologist, certified Pyro and Professional Wilderness River Guide, as he takes you on a journey though the lens of human’s ancient, complex and romantic relationship with the technologies of fire. This lecture will cover how fire was and still is used by humans for cooking, heating, rituals, festivals and transforming landscapes. Following the lecture, a demonstration and hands-on workshop will be given on the various methods of creating fire from friction and percussion, including flint and steel, hand drill and bow drill. Mark's knowledge of fire comes through study and teaching primitive technologies for over 25 years, including academic research though experimental archeology and attending and working for various wilderness programs throughout the country.

Hosted by Friends of Giant City 

Location: Giant City Visitors Center 

Registration begins soon.