2021 Calendar of Events

May 25th Flower Moon Paddle

6:30-8:30 PM


Join us for another Full Moon adventure! This Flower Moon will be the biggest and brightest super moon of the year! May marks the time when seeds should be started for the farming season ahead, birds begin to lay eggs, and flowers spring forth in abundance across North America. Come enjoy the frogs calling in our local wetlands.
Price includes, paddle, life jacket, paddle instruction and a professionally trained naturalist.
$17.00 Youth
$20.00 Teen
$35.00 Adults

April 25th Pink Moon Paddle

The first super moon of the year. The Pink Moon symbolizes the sprouting of seed and the explosion of spring flowers particularly the wild ground phlox or pink moss phlox which is one of the first flowers to bloom with the arrival of the spring.

March 28th, Sap Moon Paddle

We kicked off the year with a paddle in the Cache River Wetlands under the full moon. At this time of the year, the ground begins to soften enough for earthworms to become active, inviting the returning summer birds to feed—a true sign of spring. Roots also begin to stir and push their way up through the soil, as the Earth awakens from its winter slumber. The sap begins to run and time for harvest in southern Illinois.

The Ojibwa share this teaching.....
"Ziizaabaakwaadoke Giizis (Sugar Moon)
The third moon of Creation is Sugar Moon, is when the sap of Ninaatigoo Mitig (Maple Trees) starts to flow (ziigwang) as the maple sap begins to run, we learn of one of the main medicines given to the Anishinaabe which balances our blood and heals us.
During this time, we are encouraged to balance our lives as we would our blood sugar levels
Some also say; Aandekgo Giizis (Crow Moon).
Watch the skies as the Crows start to play, gather and sing as they group up and also partner up as they get twitterpated as most do in Spring / Ziigwang / In the Time of Flowing."
Barbara Wright (Ojibwa)